Value Product Test Lab

As a small business owner I am always looking for products that can add value to my business. In other words products that will boost my productivity but at he same time does not drain my bank. Here some of the criteria I use.

Useful -- most important getting a business going is serious stuff and requires dedication and disciple. Therefore the  products I use for my business are the "tools for my trade".

Easy to Use -- I don't have a lot of time to waste on the nitty-gritty of a tool - a tool is supposed to make life easy for me and not torture me. Therefore user-friendliness is an important criteria.

Price -- of course price is important- specially for a small business, We as small business owners do not have deep pockets, In addition if our expenses increase our pay-check shrinks. Caution! low price is not the goal here but BEST VALUE - so, if the product is not useful and easy-to-use and it gathers dust on the self it not such a great deal after all.

I've searched around for products that can help me. Below are some them that I've narrow down in various categories. I'm in the process  of evaluating them and will keep your posted.

Website design tool

I've tried Microsoft FrontPage and I'm now looking at Fusion9 which so far looks like a great product.

Click here to learn more about all the NetObjects Fusion products!

Printer consumables

I do a fair amount of printing, both black & white as well as color. Brochures, flyers Reports etc. It great the the cost of printer have really dipped over the past few year. I remember the paying $1500 for my first black & white Laser printer. Now laser printer with similar capabilities are available for 1/5 the price. Printer prices have really come down! so that the good news, however the bad news is that the printer companies get you on the consumables i.e. ink cartridges, toners, drums etc. It makes sense to shop around for these products. In addition I save money by using OEM( non printer manufaturer) ink & toners. The quality is jsut as good. Try the link below for saving on printer sonsumables.

Never pay Full Price! Get Inkjet Cartridges HALF OFF here! - Printer Ink, Toner, & More


Video Editing Software

I'm in the process of evaluating video edition software for my home video as well as for work. Down the road I plan to add video to my website. I'm in the process of evaluating a product called PowrDirector 5 from CyberLink.I' ll keep you posted. In the meantime the link for more information on this product is : CyberLink PowerDirector 5


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